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Frank S. Moore brings a wealth of trial experience to his appellate work. That experience has made him aware of the most common pitfalls facing an attorney at trial. That forward-thinking approach has benefited clients and even peer attorneys who count on Mr. Moore in trial to preserve the record for appeal and to advocate at the appellate level.

Clients and peer trial attorneys have relied on the Law Offices of Frank S. Moore, APC, to handle cases at the appellate level. The firm's attorneys bring significant trial experience to their appellate work.

During a trial, there are many unexpected challenges and attorneys must preserve issues for review by an appellate court. The Law Offices of Frank S. Moore, APC, have attorneys on staff and of counsel who are adaptable, flexible, and forward thinking. The attorneys at the firm have litigated appeals where they tried the initial case, or have taken over another attorney's case.

Whether a favorable verdict has been obtained and requires preservation or the trial ended unfavorably, clients will be provided an honest and thorough examination of the trial record for an assessment of their prospects on appeal. With the help of an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Frank S. Moore, APC, they can count on a thorough, detail-oriented approach in making informed decisions about whether to appeal or assessing the risk of reversal in the defense of an appeal.
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